Allec - The personal submarine robot

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Gravatar #1 - SupportiveRobotics
3. okt. 2017 10:37

Dear TechPeople and Gadget-Lovers, listen up.
We need your feedback and support for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, launching our one-of-a-kind submarine robot. We developed it for spicing up a day at the beach, exploring or examining caves and grottos around you, or whatever makes you day a little more exiting – We provide it.
We now give a handful of people the chance, to get a glimpse of the future of personal robotics, and be part of it.
So, what do you think? Do you like it? Can you benefit from it? Is it something worth your time?
Please do tell us.
As you might have seen in the short video, Allec will feature both drone and robotic functionality, a camera, and a control unit - you and your other gadgets ;-).

Please write any questions or comments at our Facebook chat or wall: https://www.facebook.com/SupportiveRobotics/

Thank you and enjoy
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