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FreeBSD 4.5 er ude
Tags: bsd

FreeBSD 4.5 er ude

31. jan. 2002 11:23Så kom den endelig.

Windows med database-kerne

Windows med database-kerne

31. jan. 2002 11:21Den næste version af Windows med kodenavnet Longhorn bliver sandsynligvis udstyret med en relationel database i sin kerne.

Lego med internet

Lego med internet

31. jan. 2002 11:19En hacker har indbygget en TCP/IP stack i en legoklods, hvorved det bliver muligt at kommunikere med klodserne via internettet.

Satellit falder fra himlen
Tags: junk

Satellit falder fra himlen

31. jan. 2002 00:26Indenfor de kommende timer styrter en gammel NASA-satellit på 3,5 ton ned et ukendt sted på Jorden.

Lokigames konkurs?

Lokigames konkurs?

31. jan. 2002 00:12Som officiel beta tester hos Lokigames har jeg lige modtaget denne email fra dem. Jeg har ikke kunne finde nogen andre sider der bekræfter det:

LOKI NEWS 1/30/01 We'd like to update our customers on a few items as we prepare to closedown.

1) The Loki webstore will remain open until 12:00 p.m. P.S.T. January 31st,2002. All orders placed on the webstore will be filled. Even though we areofficially closing on the 31st, several of us are going to be in the officeto make sure all orders ship.

2) Many of you have asked about support and maintenance for Loki products.We have taken the following steps:
a) all patches, FAQs, newsgroups and other online support services willcontinue to operate with a third party host. The Loki domains will beredirected to point to the new host, so you won't need to make any changesto continue to use these services.
b) all source code has been returned to the respective licensors. Althoughwe cannot guarantee that each licensor will continue to support the Linuxversions of their titles, we have made certain that they have all thenecessary tools to do so. Don't be shy about letting them know yourthoughts on the matter.

3) Finally, some have asked about the actual process of closing down. As you may know, Loki filed a voluntary Chapter 11 petition on August 3, 2001.We will be filing a motion to convert the case to a Chapter 7--aliquidation. At that time all of Loki's assets will be transfered to a U.S.Trustee appointed by the Court. The Trustee's job will be to sell thoseassets to the highest bidder.Thank you for your support these past three years.

Best wishes,The Loki Software team